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Crash cycle 880 suddenly when changing rocket destination in space or view space (z key)

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After 880 cycles the game suddenly crashes as I'm trying to change my destination for my radbolt rocket. Haven't gone to space in a long while, but now I can't change the destination or even access space using the Z key or top right icon to get there anyway.


NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

ClusterTraveler.RemainingTravelNodes () (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
ClusterTraveler.RemainingTravelDistance () (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
ClusterTraveler.TravelETA () (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
Database.BuildingStatusItems+<>c.<CreateStatusItems>b__249_70 (System.String str, System.Object data) (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
StatusItem.ResolveString (System.String str, System.Object data) (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
StatusItem.GetName (System.Object data) (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
StatusItemGroup+Entry.GetName () (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
ClusterMapSelectToolHoverTextCard.UpdateHoverElements (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] hoverObjects) (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
InterfaceTool.UpdateHoverElements (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] hits) (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)
ClusterMapSelectTool.LateUpdate () (at <a0b1e63c8d674793957c96bc63afc3da>:0)

Build: U43-531669-S

Steps to Reproduce

Select the rocket space farer module. Click change to change destination and crash screen. Or press Z and get the crash screen. Sometimes if I click the icon in the top right corner the space screen pops up for a moment. The edge of the space screen don't cover the world behind it though by about 1cm on the edge of my monitor. That's weird.

User Feedback

It took me a lot of crashing, but I think I could figure this out!

In my case, it was because I set the destination to unexplored space, and then removed the cartographic module. My ship was therefore not allowed to get to this spot anymore, and I'm pretty sure that is what caused the crashes.

I just put the module again and everything was OK.

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