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Contradicting Attributes and Traits

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Probably not a bug, just more of a quality of life issue.  

A number of times I have been given Dupes who have conflicting attributes and traits.

I have attached an example below.  She has +7 in digging, but he cannot perform the job 'dig', making her pretty useless.

Especially as she is a Level 7 Miner.....



cant dig it.png

Steps to Reproduce
shuffle the dupes on start of the game. I'm sure you'll find some too.

User Feedback

I get this fairly often as well.
I would think "profession" should be rolled first,
Traits (and additional) second, with contradictory traits omitted.
and then stats last, with preference for profession, and contradictory stats omitted.

Bit it seams all of these things are just random generated. it can make for some entertaining dupes, but also completely useless.

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