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Consumables screen not updating

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Consumables UI isn't always up to date, and can get into an inconsistent state, with some dupes showing more checkboxes than there are food items in the header row.


Steps to Reproduce

I ran into an issue with the consumables screen on the preview / public testing branch. Colony was starving, hadn't seen meat before. Attacked a critter. Meat dropped, but was immediately picked up by a starving dupe to eat it. At that point, I tried to prevent them from eating raw meat via the Consumables UI, but meat wasn't shown in the UI.

Then, three dupes died and I got another dupe from the printer, and then the Consumables UI ended up in this odd state where the new dupe had more checkboxes than the one remaining original dupe.

After taking the screenshot, I toggled all food off and on for the whole colony (button in the right top), and that fixed the UI issue.

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