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Consistent World Crash

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INDEV Build: CL#207683

Issue:  Save consistently crashes game to desktop, With no apparent pattern.
The game will play out fine, With no symptoms of trouble, no lag, studdering exc, But will seemingly at random Crash out to the desktop at random intervals. Sometimes it takes a couple minutes sometimes up to 20 minutes.

Cause: Unknown

Other Notes: 207380 is listed as the newest build on the forums, but despite several attempts I could not get my client to update to it. (or rather, Steam fails to show an update available to be downloaded) as such The issue here my have already been fixed as I use a TV as my primary display.  But I have chose to post this anyways as the crash does not happen on launch, but rather during play, so i am not confident it is the same bug as being reported as fixed.

System Specs
i5 - 2500K
RAM: 16GB 
GPU: GTX 1060 3GB
Display: Dual - (60" Toshiba HDTV) (20" BENQ monitor)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64




The Not-So Great Tunnel.sav


Steps to Reproduce
open save, let run.

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