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Colony timeline video mixed up with another save

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When I go into colony summary, and press play on the progress video, the first frame is of a different world that I played for a few cycles before deleting. After the first frame it shows my progress normally. I names this new world the same thing, and I think this is what's causing the issue. I deleted the last one before creating this one though, so that's why I find it weird.

I know for sure it's a different save in the first frame, because Mi-Ma was chilling by the pod and I do not have, and have never had, a Mi-Ma on this map.

Steps to Reproduce

Created a world with a name (let's say "World"). Played it for 10 cycles or so. Delete said world because the seed sucks.

Create a redo world also called "World". Play it for a few hundred cycles (don't know how important that part is). Look at the colony summary video. 

See old Mi-Ma who is definitely not in your world, but you remember from the first bad seed world.

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