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Colony Summary - Highlighted "New" Items Scroll Outside of Lightboxed Window

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

This is just a minor bug I would put in the polish category. It definitely doesn't affect gameplay in any way, but fixing it would probably be a good thing? I also apologize, I don't have a screen capture or screenshot of this occurring, so I'll have to paint a picture with words heh.

When clicking on the Colony Summary button from the printing pod menu after unlocking/achieving new milestones, when it automatically scrolls down to the next item you've unlocked, the previously unlocked item that is highlighted can scroll up quickly and still display outside of the lightboxed area that contains the colony summary. I know nothing about game dev, but I'm something of a web dev and it feels like a CSS problem where something's z-index is higher than it should be, if that helps explain what I'm seeing.

Hopefully that's easy enough to recreate in testing. I love the game a ton, so I hope this helps in some way to make it a tiny bit better!

Please also note, log file was attached for requirement, I don't believe anything in there will be related to this visual bug though.


I currently run the game in windowed fullscreen mode by launching via Steam with custom launch option "-popupwindow".  2560x1440 resolution.

Steps to Reproduce

Unlock multiple achievements for the colony summary before clicking on the Colony Summary button so multiple things are queued. Clicking the Colony Summary button should then highlight the first achievement to show it was unlocked, then if the second/subsequent unlock is far enough away to cause the list to scroll quickly, the first unlocked achievement will remain visible outside of the designated Colony Summary screen.



I've added a video to show what I'm experiencing. Currently I'm using mods, but this happens with no mods active as well.

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