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Colony Summary Gifs peer into the Multiverse.

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This is an odd one, but one found to be easy enough to reproduce. 

The time-lapse colony summary gifs have a bug where if you let a colony reach [X] number of days (Lets say, 300) and you realize you made a terrible mistake, you're colony is doomed, and fixing it would take more than the 5-day autosave grace period. So you reload an earlier manual save from [X] day (let's say 100). You fix things, save, and progress another 50 cycles before looking at the colony summary gif again. It plays, everything is fine, it shows the changes you made... but it doesn't stop at Cycle 150. Instead it continues all the way to Cycle 300 (occasionally accompanied by visual tearing), and shows the old doomed base. 

While it does (gradually) overwrite the old gif scenes, it raised concern that deleting those old saves could introduce broken dependencies, or other save issues, and why it can tell which of the first [150] to use, but not to stop there instead of continuing to [300]. Several Colony saves that had those gif glitches also appeared more susceptible to other common bugs as well, at least based on the small sample size tested. 

Steps to Reproduce

1). Create a Survival Colony
2). Age like a fine wine, manually save every 50 cycles.
3). Rewind time to an earlier save. 
4). Distinctly change up the base.
5). Age another 50 cycles, but leave at least 50 cycles between current and highest reached cycle. 
6). Observe the colony summary video. 
7). Becomes even more obvious if done overlapping multiple colony saves. (Colony 1 Save A -> Cycle 300, Colony 1 Save B -> Cycle 150, Colony 1 Save C -> Cycle 75, etc.) 

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