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Cloned duplicant ghost

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In attached savefile one of my duplicants, named Jon is actually a clone of Jean (check similarity in skills outfit and rest). I changed its name just to distinguish both dupes. Jon actually creates few bug in game

1. I cant control him at any doors (there is no Jon in interface). He reacts for Jean permissions

2. While unequipping and kind of suit he doesnt drop it, means item disappers

I'm not entirely sure then clone was created, but I'm almost 100% sure it was while 'true' Jean was at space mission


PS. Is there any way I can delete this clone from my save? I can even third party tools if needed (or the only way is to kill this dupe?)

Bug Jon.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Unknown how to reproduce clonning part 1. Click on any door > Search for Jon on list 2. Use command 'move to' in front of exo suit checkpoint > use 'move to' command behind checkpoint

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