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Click leak in start game causes 6 dupe spawns on game start

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When starting a regular or spaced out play, I can get 6 dupes at start instead of 3, 3 copy pairs of the selected dupes.

Steps to Reproduce

Due to a minor hardware issue I am having, this makes for a weird bug on game start. I go thru all the standard set up to pick and build a game, and this applies to spaced out and regular game. My mouse, or my machine driver for my mouse, does this hyper click thing fairly often, where clicking once with the left will click several times mixed with right clicks. It is its own annoyance, but bubbled up this weird bug. When this multiclick happens on the final start game button, from the dupe selection screen, if I hear the sound of two or more clicks, the result is that the game starts(and kind limps into starting as well) with 6 dupes instead of 3. Also, the 3 will be copied pairs. If I were a better player, maybe I could use this man power as an exploit, but really is at least too much for me right now, so I cannot tell you about gameplay down the road, hence not really an exploit in my opinion. Means I need to copy seeds for places I like, and rebuild them for actual play, which is not the worst, but dupe selections don't go with that much from what I can tell.

I should be able to provide snips of any of this if desired. No Mods are used.

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