Click CONSUMABLES or Press 'F' would crash the game

  • Branch: Live Branch Pending

When I use a translation mod, the msgstr for STRINGS.ITEMS.FOOD.PRICKLEFRUIT.NAME and STRINGS.ITEMS.FOOD.GRILLEDPRICKLEFRUIT.NAME are the same, CONSUMABLES UI would crash the game.

For example, in strings.po :

msgid "Gristle Berry"
msgstr "Berry"

msgid "Bristle Berry"
msgstr "Berry"

Steps to Reproduce
1. Use strings.po as a translation mod. 2. change STRINGS.ITEMS.FOOD.GRILLEDPRICKLEFRUIT.NAME's msgstr to "Berry" 3. change STRINGS.ITEMS.FOOD.PRICKLEFRUIT.NAME's msgstr to "Berry" 4. Launch the game and press F to open CONSUMABLES UI.

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