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Chlorine duplication bug (may involve wheezeworts)

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I've build a wild farm to grow mutated pincha peppa's, filled it up with chlorine and added wheezeworts.

However, the gas pressure in the room has increased up to 80Kg/tile in some areas.

Initially I thought it was related to bleach stone being stored next to the wheezeworts. After removing the bleach stone from the room and installing a gas pump to remove the chorine initially the pressure dropped down again. But later it increased up to 80KG/tile again.

I don't understand where this gas could be coming from other than some kind of duplication bug.

max chlorine with gas input.PNG

max chlorine with pump.PNG

Steps to Reproduce

I'm open to suggestions... here's my savefile

Scientific Trainwreck Cycle 1651.sav

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