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Chef refuses to cook omelettes

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This is my chef, Handsome Joshua.


I want him to cook an omelette, since we have plenty of raw egg right now.5b6f10c382630_whathandsomejoshuashouldbecooking.thumb.png.527f43ed1b89e8440caadffe578d3d1f.png

He just spent a bunch of time loading the egg into the grill, because for some reason he insists on carrying it 6,7 mg at a time. Well, it's shinebug egg, so it makes sense that they would be light.


But now everything is ready. Let's get cooking, Handsome Joshua.


Handsome Joshua stares at me silently as though I'm a cruel cruel person for asking him to do this.

He must be on a new no-eggs diet. This hasn't been a problem before and he'll cook everything else without a problem. 


Steps to Reproduce
I've played for a while, and I really don't know what caused this to suddenly trigger. The latest change was that I'd finally gotten a coral bug, so I'd started using royal eggs for the omelettes.

User Feedback

So it turns out the problem is fixable by just quitting the game and returning. Handsome Joshua is back to cooking omelettes as though it was never a problem. 

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I've just had this twice with meat: picks up ~2300mcg of meat from fridge, delivers to grill and repeat ad nauseum, never getting around to cooking. Save, quit, reload: works normally again.

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