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Changing screen resolution and mode does not persist

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Changing the resolution to windowed mode and restarting the game reverts to the 1024X768 setting and does not save desired display resolution and mode.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Launch Oxygen not included 2. Select options > graphics 3. Check (enable) fullscreen (THis is another annoying bug/feature, I need to enable it to change resolution?? Why can't I change resolution if I want windowed mode?) 4. change resolution (I changed mine to 1920X1080 100hz) 5. Click apply, accept change, uncheck fullscreen, click apply, accept change 6. now it is in the desired windowed mode. Done. Done. 7. Quit game 8. Relaunch Oxygen not included from steam 9. It's in windowed mode, but stretched to fullscreen at the 1st resolution (1024X768)

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