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Can't use Engie's Tune-up on Hydrogen Generator

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

Everything I've read so far about HGs says you can apply Engie's Tune-Up on them, but I cannot with the present live build for Linux.  When I click on an HG, it says its contents include Microchip x1, but when I hover mouse-pointer, it shows normal wattage generated (800 W).  Compare to Coal Generators in the same room, they're up by 50%, they show chip in contents when it is about to be activated and mouse hover says "Engie's Tune-Up"

Related question -  When a building is clicked on, CGs show a priority setting, presumably for coal delivery. HGs don't, presumably since their fuel is piped.  Presuming also that the priority affects Dupes' applying the Tune-Up errand.  Therefore, is the lack of a dupe priority option on the HG the cause of them delivering a chip but never zapping the Tune-Up in to effect?

Steps to Reproduce

 HG in power room with Power Control Station and optionally, other generator for comparison, to show Tune-Up is working.

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