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Buried object inside gas tile or solar panels

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It's possible to create buried objects inside gas tiles or solar panels, which should be impossible. The game should be able to detect these objects and convert them into ordinary debris, and in the case of the solar panel, bump them on top of the solar panel.

Steps to Reproduce



For the buried object inside gas:

  1. There was an arrangement of tiles like this, from bottom to top: polluted ice, snow, snow, sleet wheat. (This was naturally generated, but I don't think that matters.)
  2. The polluted ice tile was dug up, causing the two snow tiles to fall down and the sleet wheat to automatically uproot. The sleet wheat grains fell from the tile where the plant was and managed to get inside the upper snow tile before it fully formed, causing them to be buried.
  3. Then, a digging order was put for the two snow tiles. Because duplicants dug the bottom tile first, this caused them to dig up both snow tiles via the bottom, since the top fell onto the bottom.
  4. The buried grains remained inside the upper snow tile, which now just contains gas. This results in the game thinking that an object is buried in gas. I would expect the game to never be allowed to create a buried object in this state, and the object should become unburied.


For the buried object inside solar panels:

  1. A build request for heavy-watt conductive wire was made for the inside of a solar panel tile.
  2. Duplicants delivered the materials for building the wire.
  3. The build request was cancelled.
  4. The materials became buried objects inside the tiles.
  5. Unlike the gas tile, these are not visible as buried objects since the solar panel tiles cannot be viewed individually, only showing the status of the overall solar panel.

I've attached the save file I used; it does have mods, but none of the mods act on passive gameplay except for the build over plants mod, which was not used in this case. I have an in-progress build for a tile over the buried object in an attempt to construct + deconstruct it, and will update on whether that works to remove the object from the gas. I had to zip the save file in order to make it small enough to upload.

Burgeoning Spacerock.7z

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Oh, that's very weird; reloading this save managed to convert *all* of these back into debris. I would still consider this a bug since it causes this to happen during the game's runtime, but, yeah.

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With Blast update, this is happening again:  I have it with a just mined tile. Happened when the sand in the tile dropped, not mined.

Issue clears with save then reload game, hidden items manifest and drop.


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