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Bunker door pathing leads duplicants to let themselves die

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

If a duplicant is suffocating but there is an opening bunker door that leads to oxygen, they will wait for that door over everything else that could save them, like building ladders, deconstructing, or digging. Because of how long bunker doors take to open, this can very easily lead to many duplicants suffocating when it's preventable.

I wonder if duplicants should consider a path through an opening bunker door to be a path at all, considering how long the doors take. The same issue can also lead to duplicants waiting for 40 seconds for a door to open when there's an actual open path nearby, when that path is a millisecond slower than the path through the door (if it were open).

Steps to Reproduce

Just get a duplicant trapped outside a bunker door in space, so they're doing the "recover breath" action, then start the door opening. Because they think they have a valid path to safety, they won't do any other actions that could actually save them.

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