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Bottom 2 rows of Job screen cut off Dupes Info.

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

AS of right now the On the Job screen when a dupe is in the Cook or art jobs when hovering over their name with mouse the Interests skills info pop up is cut off and you can not see so you either have to move them to an arbitrary job and hover over them to see then move them accordingly or exit the job screen and look at their info another way.. Either move the info box somewhere else for these job locations or extend the job screen downward with just the background stuff so we can scroll further down and actually see it.

Steps to Reproduce
put Dupes in art and cook jobs on job screen hover over them so info box pops up scroll mouse wheel down to see if you can read it all ...And Guess what you can't.

User Feedback

I'm also experiencing this problem. I tried to scroll down more to allow more space, but it wouldn't stay there. I think a good solution to this problem would to have the bottom drop down menus open up instead of down.

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