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Boiling Duplicates (Already in Known Issues)

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I missed this in the Known Issues, so I don't know if this post is necessary.


My Duplicates are over 100 degrees celsius, which means whenever they harvest from plants, they instantly fry the plants from their radiating body heat.

Secondly, I can't stop the duplicates from trying to replant the plants. I have to cancle the plants entirely because there is no way to change their priority from what seems to be above 9. Coupled with the previous problem, this quickly becomes a tedious chore that can become disasterous if not monitored.

**Update: I can't find any way to cool down the Duplicates. I have blasted -100 celsius and below air around them but they continue to radiate heat endlessly. I may have to stop playing until this is fixed, because it just takes one Duplicate to destroy all of my plants with a heat wave, setting off a chain reaction of more Duplicates flooding in.

Steps to Reproduce
Have Duplicates get really hot from any source, such as batteries/generators/molten rock, and then have them farm your crops resulting in said crops being incinerated.

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