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Black Screen on Startup

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I'm running Steam on Arch Linux and just bought Oxygen Not Included. When starting the game the window is white for a split second and then turns black. Music starts and that's it.

All other games including Don't Starve work flawlessly. The system is fully updated and using nvidia proprietary driver 410.66, Linux kernel 4.18.16-arch1-1-ARCH.

I cannot find a log file named output_log.txt as described in the instructions on how to get log files. I had to rename Player.log to Player.txt because you only allow uploading *.txt and *.mdmp files.

Steps to Reproduce
Start game using Steam

User Feedback

I hit the same issue, but was able to work around it by setting the game to windowed rather than full screen.

In the steam properties, select "Set Launch Options..." and enter:

-screen-fullscreen 0

Hope that helps / works for you.

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The same issue affects me since a recent update:
Ubuntu 18.04.1 tested with recent nvidia short and long branch driver too

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