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Bathroom Starvation

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Dupes with slimelung can starve to death from bathrooms. The problem is a combination of the breath change penalty and dupes not being able to partially use bathrooms. If your bathroom doesn't have enough oxygen, dupes will hold their breath. Dupes with a full bladder and slimelung using said bathroom will get low enough on their o2 bar before they finish their business, then they stop and leave to catch their breath. A partial visit does not, however, partially deplete their bladder meter. After catching their breath, they try again, use toilet a bit, flush, walk out. Without intervention, they will starve themselves to death. I would suggest allowing for partial bladder emptying as a fix. Seeing a dupe pee every 30 seconds, for days on end, without eating or sleeping, and still having a 100% full bladder breaks the RP element a bit as well. =p

Steps to Reproduce
1) Put a bathroom low in your base where Co2 concentrations are high. 2) Let your dupes play in the swamp for a bit. 3) Watch dupes suffer in agony. 4) Build a Tasteful Memorial. 5) Hold a Darwin Awards themed funeral.

User Feedback

Ive dealt with this quite a few times myself, including now after full release. I literally have to lock the starving dupe in a room until they wet themselves to save their life lol Happens to dupes without slimelung too though. If the bathroom gets almost all flooded with carbon dioxide it happens 

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