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Automation build order not allowed

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It seems that when there's an automation bridge either built or "clicked", I am not able to click an and-gate or an or-gate in a manner that the bridge jumps over the output or one of the inputs.

On the other hand, when the and/or-gate is built first or clicked first, I am able to build an automation bridge over the input or the output of the and/or-gate.

So, if you start off this way, click down a bridge:


Then try and click down an and gate, it will not allow you:


On the other hand, when you click down the gate first, you can add the bridge no problem:


Here's an example of a similar buit executed hundreds of cycles ago, with an or-gate (I guess it must have been gate first, bridge second, because I have not noticed before that an automation bridge would not be able to jump over the and- or and or-gate):



Please let us continue building bridges over gates, it helps keep the automation small and neat :)

Steps to Reproduce
Click down automation bridge (or build it). Try and build an and-gate so that the automation bridge would jump over it's input or output. No dice. Click down or build an and gate. Try and build an automation bridge jumping over it's input or output, and see how they are more than happy to do it.

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