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Automatic Dispenser against the outer wall of a rocket allows to put material through said wall (only appears after game restart). Game then crashes on rocket deconstruct.

Le Chien
  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

If you put an Automatic Dispenser inside a rocket against the outer wall and then dispense materials, they disappear inside the wall. Upon game reload, the materials pop out the other side, fall down, disappear in the dark and are unreachable (but you are able to put an unreachable sweep command on them which shows through the dark).


I tried to get the materials by deconstructing the rocket, but this just crashes the game. Attached is a screenshot that shows how to reproduce the bug in a sandbox game (no debug enabled).


Steps to Reproduce

- Build a spacefarer module

- Put an automatic dispenser inside, with the dispenser pointing against an outer wall

- Dispense materials

- They disappear inside the wall

- Reload game

- They appear outside the wall and drop down into the dark area at the bottom

- Deconstruct the spacefarer module

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