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Auto-wrangled critter dropped in same room

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2 pufts in room that is set to a max of 1. Auto wrangling is enabled, and seems to work ( a puft is tied up from time to time). But when moving the puft, it is dropped in the same room it's wrangled in. Resulting in still 2 pufts in the same room.



Steps to Reproduce
- Built a series of rooms with ventilation tiles as wall to support the morb/puft combo. Rooms are 16 tiles in size, allowing a single puft to reside in each room. - The pufts are still wild. - I don't know what else is relevant. Please see screenshot.

User Feedback

Lol, I barely posted this, and I see one of the pufts is now moved. I also see that in meantime one of the pufts is tame. The dupes moved the wild puft to another room.

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