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Auto Sweepers ignore landed rocket when loading oxylite from Conveyor Receptacle

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NOTE: This is for the Spaced Out DLC.

If a rocket leaves a planetoid and returns later it will land on the rocket platform. Before leaving, the auto sweeper nearby a large or small solid oxidizer tank will load the tank with oxylite. However, upon the rocket returning to the platform, the auto sweeper simply decides that rocket is no longer it's problem. It just sits there even though there is oxylite nearby in a conveyor receptacle. See the image attached for a visual of the issue. Do note that the tank is set to priority 6 while the receptacle is set at priority 1. The damage to the auto sweeper from the rocket landing and overheating the sweeper seems to have no effect on the bug as even if the sweeper is undamaged the bug persists. Deleting and rebuilding the sweeper fixes the issue. Also note that there is an automation wire hooked up to the sweeper that currently allows the sweeper to work. You may also notice the sweeper is set to be deconstructed, but this was done after noticing it was not working properly.

ONI Oxylite Bug.PNG

Steps to Reproduce

Build a petroleum rocket on a rocket platform. On top of the engine, build the oxidizer tank. Build a fuel tank above that. Fill the tank with petroleum. Set up an auto sweeper as shown in the image above with a conveyor receptacle nearby that is recieving oxylite. Set the priority of the conveyor receptacle lower than the oxidizer tank. Provide power cables with generators where needed. Attach an automation wire to the sweeper and feed it across the base of the oxidizer tank as shown in the second image. This setup, assuming the automation wire is green on the sweeper, should work when you first build it. Stick a command module or something onto the rocket and launch it into space. Return some time later and let the rocket land. The sweeper will then refuse to load the oxidizer tank with oxylite despite being able to a few minutes ago.

ONI Oxylite Bug 2.PNG

ONI Oxylite Bug.PNG

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

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