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Atmosuits are constantly out of oxygen

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

In my current gameplay the atmosuits are receiving oxygen but they are constantly showing that there is no oxygen (current status: no oxygen). At the same time duplicants do not want to go through checkpoint although there are available atmosuits, however, showing that they are without oxygen. I have tried to remove the suits and deliver them again, to deconstruct and construct everything again, nothing is helping.


This is breaking the gameplay for me. Please advise me how to resolve this issue. 

Plagued Sewer.sav

Steps to Reproduce

I cannot say for any specific steps in order to reproduce this. At a certain point the suits were just consuming oxygen without filling.

I have been playing on two different computers the same saved game, both of them have the issue.

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If anyone else is interested, I looked at what the problem was. Oxygen system didn't produce enough oxygen to fill up 8 costumes. That is why Atmo Suit Dock had the status "no oxygen". 
The problem was solved by filling the gas pipes with tons of oxygen.

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