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"Ate From Feeder" buff disappear after a pacu is grown up

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I am building a fed pacu farm for omelette, the design is to count the egg output from a fed pacu and keep the 10th egg for a new pacu.

In theory, for a well fed pacu, the 10th egg will hatch out just at the same time the parent pacu dead, very accurate.

So that i can always keep a single pacu in the pool and get 12 egg for it's whole lifespan 25 cycles, that is 0.96kg egg per cycle, 2688kcal/cycle.

In real game there always some seconds delay but it's ok for me.


Then I noticed some pacu only output 11 egg during it's whole lifespan, after some study I found the reason:

In a normal case, a new pacu fry born with 450kcal while -10kcal/cycle then he immediately eat his first bite and get to 500kcal,

pacu get hungry at 450kcal and it take 5 cycles for a pacu fry get down to 450kcal just at the time he grow up to a pacu and get hungry and eat and get "Ate from Feeder" and get happy.

but some time a pacu fry will eat his second bite just before he grow up, here comes problem.

grown pacu will have 500kcal but "Ate from Feeder" disappear after grown up, without "Ate from Feeder" the pacu get glum.

a glum pacu only consume 20kcal/cycle so it takes about 2.5 cycle to get hungry but during the 2.5 cycle he only have a base reproduction rate so that's where the egg missing.

Here is an example:


Steps to Reproduce

hatch some tamed fry egg, provide them a feeder then wait for 5 cycle.

if a pacu fry ate a second bite before he grown up, you will notice that "Ate From Feeder" is disappeared after grown up

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