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Asteroids keeps going through bunker doors and tiles.

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Since last update, If I actively looks at the bunker doors and tiles at the top of the map, asteroids won't go through, but if I scroll down so it's outside of wieving, it suddenly randomly lets asteroids through and wrecking my "space stuff" over and over. Pretty darn annoying.

Steps to Reproduce
Explore space > get annoyed

User Feedback

I'm experiencing the same problem. Asteroids go through bunker doors as if the do not exist. I have just noticed that my rockets also go through the door without breaking it. From what I can see it seems to be fine when game is loaded but soon after it stars to happen. I first thought it was happening after a bunker door was repaired but that seems to not be the case. What I do have on my doors is more than one scanner connected via automation wire. There is regolith laying on top of the door from meteors landing next to the door. Is there any news on this?

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