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Apple silicon native support for Oxygen not Included

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With more and more Mac's being based off ARM-64 architecture it would be fantastic to get native performance in ONI. Currently when you get ~1000 cycles in, the game is playable with about 30fps on a M1 Pro with little dips. But seeing that Rosetta 2 emulation as a compatibility layer is a temporary solution and requires you to download it if you don't already have it installed. It would be great now that steam has a steamworks sdk for ARM64 https://store.steampowered.com/news/group/4145017/view/3145196846681410422 to get full performance out of our machines for a better gameplay experience.

Seeing that there was a native build at some point prior to the steamworks SDK supporting ARM64 - would be interesting to see if it's possible now to get a working build.


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User Feedback

+1 for Native arm build. Recently factorio made an apple silicon port and gained %20 performance with %15 less energy consumption.

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Definite +1!

ONI is the only app I run on my M1 MBA that brings it to its knees in terms of CPU usage. Playing without being plugged in I usually can't play for more than 2 hours before I run out of juice. Considering how efficient M1/M2's are in other circumstances, I'm sure a native build would be a boon for us.

Having said that, I'm deeply grateful that Klei gave us a Mac version at all! Kudos to the team for all of their efforts making ONI available for Mac users!

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