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After Latest Update All my saved games crash from spaced out crash including my last one!

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

After update. Loaded a game that was not affecgted by the update! Worked perfectly, played couple cycles. no problems.

Load the new saved game, game says mods bla bla error and crashes immediatly.

I removed all the mods and still games crashes, this time no real defintive error.

Did the same for another saved file, saved it. closed game. Loaded saved file. and crash... and all mods were disabaled.

Steps to Reproduce

Loaded from a previous state before update save. Everything worked, played then saved.

Then repeat of crashes...

What can I do!

100% nothing to do with hardware.

100% error with game saving.

The Optimistic Paradise.sav

Player-prev.log Player.log

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