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Able to scan one hex too far after landing a rocket with telescope on board

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After landing a rocket with a telescope inside, my scientist (who was not initially onboard the landing rocket) immediately ran to the rocket and, to my surprise, started working the telescope. She finished the activity and scanned one hex further than should be possible. After scanning that one tile, the telescope reverted to the "Area Complete" state.

Thank you for being awesome <3

(Also: The "Locate Save Files" button takes me to the non-cloud folder so I couldn't initially find the saves. I realized I had to back out and look around and found the "cloud_save_files" directory)

Player-prev.log Player.log Plutonia I.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Build a telescope inside a rocket and send it away a few tiles with a non-scientist onboard. Land it on a planet with a scientist where all tiles within telescope range are already scanned.

Expected: The telescope is in the "Area Complete" state and no tiles can be scanned.

Result: The scientist can use the telescope immediately after landing and scans one tile further than what should be possible.

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