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32:9 screen ratio cuts off "Proceed" button

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When playing on a 32:9 ratio screen (5120 x 1440) the video tutorials are cut off top and bottom and sequences that play after completing major game events conclude with a screen that normally has a "Proceed" button at the bottom.   The button is not accessible on a 32:9 ratio screen however and this strands the player on the screen with no way to interact with the game.

Steps to Reproduce

Start game on 32:9 aspect ratio screen.

Complete either the "Home sweet home" or "The Great Escape" initiatives.

Let the sequence run.

Note that on the final screen you cannot access the "Proceed" button.   Only option is to kill the game, got back to previous save, adjust the resolution and complete the initiative again.

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