Unable to deselect a card that has already been played in Negotiation

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A situation where a card that is no longer in my hand is nevertheless somehow selected and visible. It appears just above and to the right of the player's hand of cards. When this situation arises, parts of the UI are still interactive, but I can find no way of deselecting the now missing card. The only way I have found to recover is to perform a hard-reset of the game, restarting the Negotiation.

In many hours of play, I have only encountered this on 3 or 4 occasions. It's rare, but frequent enough to be very frustrating. I will attempt to screenshot it the next time it occurs.

 EDIT: Perhaps this other issue is related? ie, an item is selected and while it is selected, a discard event occurs?


Steps to Reproduce

Uncertain. Possible methods:

- play a card that causes one or more cards in hand to discard, but before it is discarded, "select/hover" that card with the joy-cons.

- play a card that causes a different card to be replicated or destroyed. Before it is replicated / destroyed, "select/hover" that card with the joy-cons.

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