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The codex in the textbox doesn't work in Chinese, Japanese and Korean

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There are a lot of codex in the textbox to help player know the lore of the Havaria. That's nice. However, it does't work in Chinese, Japanese and Korean because the 3 languages does't split each words by space, which enable the codex.( Just like the image, Admiralty, Spree and Cult have no codex.  ) 

My suggention: Change the code at Line 14 in the "scripts\codex.lua" to "not_alnum = lpeg.p( 1 )" when the language is set to Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

I made a mod put in the files to fix the bug. Here's the modinit.lua



Steps to Reproduce

1.Set the language to Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

2.The codex isn't shown.

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