[PS4] Cards drawn to existing hand are unselectable

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This is a PS4 bug, so not where how to categorize that, but anyways here's the scenario:

During your turn when you draw a card to your existing hand, the added card will be placed on the right side of the hand. If the player has the rightmost card highlighted before drawing the card, the cursor will still have the same card selected, but is now in the 2nd from the right position, as the rightmost card is now the newly drawn card.

The bug comes in when you try to move the selection right from the 2nd from the right position to select, the user is unable to. The cursor still thinks it's at the end of the hand, at the rightmost position. If you more the cursor left, THEN right, you are then able to select everything like normal. Yet if you only have one card in your hand, you are unable to select the newly drawn card as you can't move the selection left in a one card hand. The only solution to this is to press L2 and view the characters, then return to your hand.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Highlight rightmost card in hand.
  2. Draw a new card.
  3. Try to move selection right, to highlight the newly drawn card. It won't allow you to.
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