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Encountering Angla in Game Gives Warning

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Similar to the bug I've reported here: 

The game will give a warning when I encounter the character Angla in game and then hover over her name or talk to her. If you press R to continue after the warning, the game seems playable as usual.
Here is are some images of the warnings it gives: 




Also attached is the save file for the game, which you should be able to replicate the warning on. Note that since the game only has a chance of spawning Angla as the Jakes Lifter, you won't receive the warning unless the game actually generates Angla and not some other Jakes Lifter. 



Steps to Reproduce

Load the save -> RNG generates Angla as Jake Lifter -> the game will give a warning the moment you begin talking to her -> now you can converse with her -> if you hover over her name when talking to her, the game will give a warning again 

User Feedback

Interestingly enough, the game does not seem to produce a warning when you open the list of relationships and view Angla, unlike when you encounter her/talk to her/open the compendium. 

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