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Controller mode issues

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My mouse cursor appears to be missing and it's asking for controller inputs. I have limited functionality with the arrow keys, enter and escape but I can't play the game this way. Is there any way to disable controller mode completely? This happened since my first boot up today even though I had no controller plugged in. The only controller I have is a steam controller and the game doesn't recognize the button inputs correctly, though I'd rather be playing with mouse anyway.


Edit: It seems that in experimental mode I can see the cursor if I move the mouse, but the moment I stop moving it, the cursor disappears and it goes back to controller mode. This makes actually selecting things very hard to do.

Steps to Reproduce

Installed game.

User Feedback

i was able to resolve this issue by going to device manager and disabling all my game controllers under HID (human interface devices) i don't have plugged in so it was just sort of ghosting my game and going nuts. this fixed it first try, you will need to restart tho. 

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