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Boosted Kiss the Fists doesn't work as intended with Traumatized

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the upgraded version of "kiss the fists" (specifically "boosted kiss the fists") doesn't clear the condition traumatized when used against an enemy with traumatized, it deals the damage it is supposed to do, but can be repeated on the same enemy to deal double damage at every use, which is pretty insane ngl.

first time reporting a bug, if I've done something wrong, please tell me :) hope it helped.

edited note: I checked after posting the report, and couldn't recreate the bug, I'm not sure what caused it to happen, I am adding additional information about the deck I used and wanted to say that the bug happened many times through out the run.

Steps to Reproduce

as I said, couldn't recreate the bug but I am sending the deck I used when the bug happened 1743421814_Griftlandsbugdeck2.thumb.png.aaba60a7213cc861a229d1880c5b42b4.png110883241_Griftlandsbugdeck.thumb.png.0117ca2676f86774c68b8ae7ee609b3c.png

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