Volcano, Packims + Krissures + Dry season

  • Version: Console Pending

I took packim baggims to the volcano with me and all the items in his inventory disappeared. Due to auto save I can't even quit and reload to get it back. 

I believe I had around 3 stacks of manure, the Crown thing for Wilbur, the pirate hat (that gives more vision), abigails flower (which respawned in my player inventory on arrival). 

And not sure if it's related somehow to the volcano but my krissures are active 100% of the time + my dry season (3rd I think) had all effects except for eruption. I believe I'd entered the volcano on first day of dry season as I suddenly started overheating instantly. Don't know if that's what caused the eruptions to not happen. 

Steps to Reproduce
Put some items in Packim Take packim to volcano All items disappear on arrival.

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