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Transplanted Coffee Plants - Coffee Beans produce "Fist Full of Jam"?

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So, its been a few years since I played. Last played while Shipwrecked was still not quite finished. Started up a new shipwrecked game a couple days ago, finally found the volcano. Discovered I could actually climb it, and ended up in an eruption which uprooted a bunch of coffee plants. I ended up taking them back to my home base, discovered they could only be planted on volcanic turfs, so went back and transplanted a number of ashen and volcanic turf so I could plant the coffe plants in my base.

They are finally producing...after several rounds of fertiliznig with ash. They DO seem to be producing coffee beans, however...I after first getting a set of about 5 cups of coffee (which I think was mostly with the beans I picked from the plants actually on the volcano), all the rest, primarily produced from the transplanted coffee bean plants, only produce a fist full of jam??? I have tried four beans, three beans and butter (there is an ongoing war between a huge amount of snakes and a plethora of butterflies on my main island, which produces a lot of butter!) and even a couple tries with one honey. So far, every combination produces a fist full of jam. IIRC, the original "berry" plants berries produced the same thing from the original DST... I am wondering if somehow, transplanted coffee plants coffee beans are somehow, buggily, being treated like regular berries instead?

Regardless...it seems like a bug. Doesn't make sense to go through all the effort to trans plant the coffee plants, only to end up with nothing but a fist full of jam in the end, rather than the speed-boosting coffee. Am I just doing something wrong? Or is this actually a legit bug?

Steps to Reproduce

1. Find and climb volcano

2. Dig up handfull of coffee plants

3. Dig up enough ashen or volanic turf to transplant

4. Descend volcano

5. Place turf

6. Plant coffee plants

7. Fertilize with ash

8. Harvest and re-fertilize (seems to require frequent fertilization for a while?)

9. Harvest enough coffee beans to make coffee

10. Place 4 coffee beans, or 3 coffee beans + 1 butter in crock pot

11. Be dismayed by fist full of jam.....

User Feedback

Well, I visited the volcano again, and picked a bunch of coffee bean there. Seems the problem is universal...I can no longer make coffee, only fist full of jam.

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Hello jrista! 
Coffee beans need to be roasted (cooked) to result in coffee. The recipe is 4 roasted beans or 3 roasted beans and 1 dairy (honey, milk, butter, etc.).

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