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Shipwrecked iOS - Game crashes to iOS when entering volcano

  • Version: iOS Pending

Was in day 250ish, finally found the volcano and right after world generation screen the game crashes to iOS.  There is no text/error messages.  I tried closing the game and retry  (saved game is at Volcano 1-1) and get the world generation screen again and again crashes to iOS.

Running on iPad Pro 9.7 with iOS 10.2.1.  Game is v1.4 and I'm running a large custom world.  

Steps to Reproduce
See description

User Feedback

I just had this exact same crash, really hope there is a fix soon, I haven't had any trouble starting new games, but the one I have 300ish days on is stuck trying to load the volcano. It will go black after loaded and the sound glitches and closes the app.

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