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[probably beta] New world and volcano bug

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So, there's a problem, that started a while ago. 
It was hurricane season, i tried to go on a Volcano, but the game actually was sending me back to sea, however, it was saying in the menu, that I was in a volcano with the world 1-100 (but it should be on 2). My HP became from max 120 (because of the Meat Effigy) to max 90. Ok, i thought that is not really matter, but when i tried to go to new world though Maxwell's portal, all of my items disappeared and I spawned on volcano. That was really sad for me, since i had Krampus Sack and all good stuff. 
I tried to go to the sea, and... My old world! It was on 2-100, on the day, when all of it started. But it wasn't hurricane season: it was mild, the pause screen said that i survived 0 days in total, but the game says it's 100. 
I deleted the world, though. 


Steps to Reproduce
1. Go to Volcano at Hurricane Season (~end of the season) 2. If the game won't let ya to volcano, but will think that you actually was on it, so that's the bug. 3. After that, try to go to new world though portal. That's the second and the final part of the bug.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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