messed up seasons!

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ok so the problem i have is, I go to make a new world because i want to play with lots of giants on shipwrecked and RofG but when i go to change the worlds options I see that default seasons for RofG is autumn default and winter default and no spring or summer so i turn them both to default and I play with lots of giants oh and sometimes when autumn is set to season start it sometimes ends up being spring, I can tell by the forest turf being greener so any way I play and at day 15 it becomes winter for 5 days even though its st to default and it doesn't give me enough time to get the walking cane or tam-O-shanter and that's it I haven't played any further but I have tried it multiple and every time its the same this is bad because its annoying plus if anyone new coming to play DS may get confused as to why its raining lots during the very end of winter so please klei I would really appreciate it if it got fixed m really looking forward to playing lots of giants to practice for DST giants thank you.

Steps to Reproduce
start new world change world on shipwrecked to more sealnado and more tiger shark default everything else then change RofG world to default spring and summer and lots of dragonfly, deerclops, moose/goose and bearger and start on RofG and make compatible with shipwrecked. character wolfgang

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