Keyboard not working (messed up binding)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I'm using Steam on linux (ubuntu 16.04) just freshly installed DS SW and DST.

Keyboard is not working in Don't Starve game. WASD, Space, arrow keys or right side numer keys not working at all. Well if I hover mouse over menu option, then ENTER goes down, NUMLK up, "J" acts as enter, 8 as left, 9 also left...

Keyboard works just fine in Don't Starve Together.

All USB devices disconnected just usb mouse and usb keyboard (Cooler Master CM Storm). I tried launching the game with disconnected keyboard and connecting after the game was launched with mouse without any luck.

I have played on my same peripherals configuration on Windows (while SW was in beta) without any issues.

I also tried with connected Steam Controller (works in DST and on DS just mouse emulation part), and Razor Orbweaver keypad also works fine on DST and completely dead on DS.


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Linux Keyboard on DS

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Tried again with disconnected ALL usb devices except Steam controller. Steam controller in Keyboard/Mouse mode works only like mouse in game, emulated WASD does not.

Steam controller set in "controller emulation" does not work in game at all, nothing completely.

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