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Game crashes at the start

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Good day dear developers, I want to point out the game crash I have experienced the recent days. SW to ROG transition caused the game to crash. When I wanted to start ROG new game, it crashed. With or without mods, the result is the same. A creating world screen starts, then a dark one with "loading..." and after few seconds it shuts down. No error message etc.  When I load the game with default world, all works fine, but should I choose any customized world, game crashes again. I would like to play custom world once more. I tried reinstalling the game, verifying integrity, restarting steam, nothing worked.Very please for help. 




Steps to Reproduce
1. playing game for about 200 game days on SW 2. make few pre-build structures for easier start on ROG 3. use seaworthy 4. use a custom world 5. crash

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