Crash after loading a save in hamlet, WX-78, 40th day, Palace city

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


My game crashes after I load one of my game of hamlet (everytime). I just has the time to press start before it crashes (the image below show my stat, my object and where I am). 

It's the beginning of the 40th day. I'm in Palace city. Playing the robot, upgraded by gears (6 times). I'm playing in default mode.

I below the first image is the detail about my bug. I don't understand why it occurs. Everything was fine before I save and reload.

It is an easy fix. Are there workaround? I really like this game (It's going well). Thank you very much!



Steps to Reproduce
1. I play with WX-78 and I did nothing special 2. Save and close the game 3. Open the game 4. Load the game with the robot 5. It crashes everytime now (see images)

User Feedback

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Lol it's also happening with with me wow. I'm also Wx-78 in an Adventure mode World and crashed when I try to open the world again. It's around day 20 in Winter's King (I was about to pass to the new world) I had 6 - 8 upgrades.

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