Burning farm problem

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hello everyone !

I ran into this weird bug a nice winter night. I set a campfire near the Metal Potato Thing set piece, and made the fire a bit too big. The carrot near it took on fire, and "Uh oh." another farm.

Well...It ended pretty well ! The crop indeed grew wayyyy faster than usual, because after the fire, there was still my farm and a cooked version of the crop. Puzzled, I planted another seed. This time, I light it with my torch. The crop is burning fine, and...yeah, another cooked crop ! \o/ Even in winter ! We will never starve, yahou !

Please do not remove this bug. I think it's a great feature hahaha :D




I apologize, I am in the wrong forum. While I have Shipwrecked installed, I was only in the RoG settings (with a link to Shipwrecked enabled). And yes, it's working for all farms !

Steps to Reproduce
Farming those stupid crops by WX-78, now in pictures !

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