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The return of a patched bug

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Back before December, a bug existed where, in playing an reign of giants world with shipwrecked compatibility, it would instead load the vanilla rule set. This was patch scene, but as of the December 20th, not quality of life, update, it has returned but instead, its with either dlc (both shipwrecked and hamlet).

Screenshot provided had combined status for proving a point.

This is a screenshot of a rog standalone world:


Notice that spring (green) and summer (orange) is shown on the season whell.

This is a rog + sw screenshot:


and here's a rog + ham screenshot:


Notice that it only had the sides of autumn and winter for the other 2 screenshots.

I have no idea how this happens but I do this existed before, and show be able to be patched again.

Steps to Reproduce
Play a ROG world with either SW or HAM compatibility

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