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Stuck in Wall Temple

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Hello :)

I went in a temple with an army of 5 pigs guards (yes maybe a bit overkill ^^) and i got pushed by their hitbox in the wall as i was entering a new room.

I wasnt able to interact with doors anymore so my game was over. I was only able to move outside (in the dark area)

Have a good one guys :) Keep the good work !




Steps to Reproduce
To reproduce it, you have to go in a ruins/temple with 5 pigs guard and enter/exit rooms multiple times (because the "bug" happened only after a few rooms)

User Feedback

Same problem. What a waste of time to collect everything,  hire guards and to just stick to the wall. C'mon! I paid for this game and get it, there are bugs but this... it's just ridiculous

P.s. I only had 4 guards. 


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