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Strange world generating, incorrect path of house

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Good day!

Today had new generated world, by changing in the world generating clicking "More" choosing for the "Relics", and everything else was by default.

And so on, what I've spotted on the 1st Island, in the city of the pigs. That seems strange to me, house near top of the island. And so on, I've got into It, to check.



After moving out - catched bug, that wasn't able to move on the normal land.


Thanks for a hard work!

Steps to Reproduce
1. Chosen the Wilson as character 2. Clicked on the HM, of DLC 3. I the World changed in the "Relics" from "Less" -> "More", everything else was by Custom 4. Then, when running through the world, spotted for the first time from a lot different world generations - Mud Shop was on the edge, which was strange. 5. Entered inside, and then moved out - and I am outside of the world! 6. Ran through a big distance, also around islands, but didn't succeed to find place where can move back, finished resources - and died.

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