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Stealing/Restocking Exploit

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Made a thread on this recently but figured it's better here, basically I stole the contracts from the mayor's house during the night and left during the night. I came back many days later and entered during dusk and he was still in his sleeping position for a short moment, but then he got up and re-stocked the defense contract. I was then able to steal the contract as many times as i wanted without repercussions since he was restocking it as if i was buying it instead. I exited the building and re-entered and it was still happening, came back a day later and it was still happening as well so it seems permanent for me until i do something specific to reset it. This basically allowed me to steal as many contracts and recruit as many pigs as i wanted, as well as spawn Krampus over and over. Possibly random bug.

It seems these stealing/restocking features have caused this same bug for others AND in different stores like the museum as well from other threads i've seen so it's not just the mayor's place.

I think i found out how the exploit/bug works, you steal the item during the night as usual then leave. And you come back later when its morning and steal the item as the NPC hasn't gotten up from his sleeping animation yet so it thinks that you are still stealing it, though you don't get any consequences as if you are buying it instead. Basically you have to be fast and steal it again right before he wakes up in the morning at any time when you re-enter.

Steps to Reproduce
Possibly random bug. Wait until night inside a place such as the mayor's office, steal the contracts, leave, come back any time later during dusk. Steal the defense contract again and he might re-stock it infinitely without consequences to you even though it says you are stealing it.

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